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Florida Heat Transfer is pleased to present the AlfaDisc - Shell and Plate ( S&P ) design which is able to withstand higher design pressures and fatigue applications, can accommodate asymmetric flow, and is cleanable on the shell side. The Alfa Disc is an all-welded plate heat exchanger ( PHE ) inside a conventional shell. The AlfaDisc can handle pressures up to 100 bars ( 1450 psig ) and temperatures up to  538 C ( 1000 F ). The AlfaDisc is the economical alternative to a conventonal Shell-and-Tube ( S&T ) heat exchanger.



Florida Heat Transfer is excited to introduce Alfa Laval's AlfaNova - fusion bonded plate heat exchanger ( PHE ) made completely of stainless steel . AlfaNova is a gasket-free, high-performance PHE . AlfaNova is comprised of a number of stainless steel plates , a frame plate , a pressure plate and connections - all made of 316 Stainless Steel .

Design Temperature : -196 C to 550 C , Design Pressure : Full Vacuum to 30 Bars                                             Pressure Vessel Codes : PED ( EU ) , ASME

The AlfaNova is made in a one material process where Alloy 316 Stainless Steel corrugated plates are bonded in a high temperature furnace using stainless steel  filler as the activator . The process is similar to welding . The filler at the contact points melts , as do the plate surfaces . AlfaNova's 100% stainless steel and gasket-free design ensures high mechanical strength .

AlfaNova can accomplish temperature approaches down to 1 C so the AlfaNova will reduce your operating expenses in your plant by ensuring maximum heat recovery from your process .   

The AlfaNova is ideal for many different  applications including liquid heating or cooling , gas heating or cooling , condensing and reboiling . When you need a gasket-free solution , depending on media or temperature , AlfaNova is often your best choice and the most cost-efficient solution available on the  market today .




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