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Florida Heat Transfer is pleased to introduce Alfa Laval's AlfaCond condenser . The AlfaCond is the first plate condenser in the world that is specifically designed for condensing applications . The AlfaCond is specially designed for vacuum condensation , with a large vapor inlet connection and two small condensate outlets . The medium-sized cooling water connections are located in the center of the plate.

The AlfaCond consists of a plate pack with plates welded together in pairs to form so-called cassettes . The plate pattern is specifically designed for optimal condensation , with an asymmetric configuration that features a large gap on the vapor side and a small gap on the cooling water side .

The advantages of the AlfaCond for condensing duties is lower cost because the higher heat transfer efficiency means that much less heat transfer area is needed compared to a conventional shell-and-tube . The compactness of the design also saves space , which reduces transport , erection and installation costs . The AlfaCond is usually the best choice for high-vapor volume condensing applications .


Florida Heat Transfer is also pleased to introduce Alfa Laval's  Compabloc which is a high- efficiency, compact welded plate heat exchanger designed for aggressive or hazardous process services . A 100% welded plate pack extends design limits and offers improved reliability . Access for inspection and mechanical cleaning is fast and easy .  

Flexible in its design , Compabloc can be configured for liquid-liquid and two-phase applications . The cross-flow , counter-current arrangement achieves close temperature approaches and performs a thermal duty with temperature crosses in a single unit . The design is optimal for heat recovery interchanger applications .

For two-phase applications , a horizontal installation creates vertical flow channels on the gas side . The short thermal length and variable nozzle size ensure thermal optimization and very low pressure drops . For duties with inerts , special pass configurations allow gas-liquid separation inside the Compabloc eliminating the need for a separate separator vessel


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