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 CG THERMAL - Graphite and Ceramic Heat Exchangers and Process Equipment

Florida Heat Transfer is excited to introduce the latest addition to it's line of manufacturers - CG Thermal , LLC . CG Thermal was founded with the acquisition of the graphite and ceramic heat exchanger business which grew out of the Metaullics.

Impervite(R) brand impervious graphite
is a composite material consisting of a graphite base material impregnated with a proprietary phenolic resin . The base graphite is chosen for optimum physical properties to maximize the penetration depth of our phenolic resin impregnation in the graphite which results in optimum impervite properties . Carbon and graphite are produced using the same process - carbonization terminates at 840 C whereas graphitizing requires 2800 C .

CG Thermal only supplies fully graphitized ( 2800 C ) tubes .

Umax(R) advanced ceramic is the most universally corrosion and erosion-resistant material in the chemical processing industry . Umax is a homogeneous , extremely inert material which can be cleaned with high pressure fluids with no danger of tube damage .
Umax(R) advanced ceramic
tubes come with an unconditional two ( 2 ) year guarantee against corrosion and erosion .

AXH air-coolers

Florida Heat Transfer is pleased to introduce AXH air-coolers to its industrial customers . AXH air-coolers combines over forty ( 40 ) years of leadership experience in the air-cooled ( fin-fan ) heat exchanger industry that encompasses the entire spectrum of air-coolers from initial thermal application and mechanical engineering , through design drafting , project management and after market support . AXH air-coolers has a more than 200,000 square feet plant located on twelve ( 12 ) acres outside Tulsa in Claremore , Oklahoma .

AXH air-coolers uses the High-performance fin which offers up to 25% greater heat transfer than the conventional plain fin . The High-performance fin is a spiral , shoulder-type fin with radial openings which substantially increases the heat transfer ( without increasing the pressure drop ) while simultaneously incorporating the strength and non-clogging characteristics of a smooth fin . The High-performance fin works by decreasing the stagnant air film on the fin which increases the outside air film heat transfer coefficient . At the same time it does not increase the turbulence of the air passing over the fins so the result is an increase in overall heat transfer rate without an increase in static pressure or fan horsepower . Hence , the heat transfer area and the capital cost of the air-cooler is reduced for the same process conditions compared to other air  - coolers ( fin-fan ) .

LAKOS - Centrifugal Water Separators

Airborne sand , grit , etc... is drawn in by the fans of any cooling tower system . Precipitated solids , caused by heating/cooling , evaporation , acceleration and/or chemical treatment also accumulate in cooling water . Both open and closed loop cooling water systems suffer dramatically from the effects of unwanted solids depositing in tower spray nozzles , control valves , piping and heat transfer surfaces .

Lakos manufactures slow-speed centrifugal separators which can remove all particles 40 microns ( anything visible ) or larger at high efficiency with little or no routine maintenance or system interruption . Lakos centrifugal separators operate at a constant pressure drop and require no backwashing . Lakos centrifugal separators reduce maintenance costs by reducing cleaning cycles ,  reduce energy costs by keeping heat exchangers cleaner , reduce chemical usage by improving efficiency and reduce water consumption by reducing blowdown and make-up water consumption . 


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